The newly founded Centre of Lindy Hop Education is offering a 2-6 month education program for teachers or those interested in becoming teachers. We have a total of 84 hours of material for you - all centered around teaching! We also have some of our scene's leading teachers on board as virtual guest speakers and are excited to have them share their inputs with you.


During the obligatory 'Foundation Weekend' in January, we will give you a general overview of all topics that will be covered in the following months and start training some of the most important skills. All additional weekends will be focused on a few specific topics and will go into much greater detail. You can find more info and contact us through our website!

In founding the Centre for Lindy Hop Education it is my wish to create a space for all dancers who aspire to study the art of teaching in order to contribute to the Lindy Hop scene. As a dance teacher you will not only get to share your passion for Lindy Hop but in the process of learning how to teach well, you will also learn to better understand movement in itself, how to break it down, and how to apply this new knowledge to your own dancing, which will also allow you to reach your own full potential as a dancer.


As teachers, we are fortunate to be able to influence other dancers by sharing our insights in class. We are the ones leading our class; with that comes a significant responsibility and a wonderful opportunity to shape minds and ideas and nurture our incredibly creative dance scene. Let us take this meaningful task seriously and keep spreading our love for dance by enhancing the quality of our teaching!


Jenn Harry, Founder of the Centre for Lindy Hop Education