Do you want an even more intensive learning experience? Do you want to teach more regularly? Want to dance more and work on your foundation? Do you want to get a lot more feedback and personal coaching on your teaching? Interested in knowing more about running a dance school? 

We are offering a 2-3 month internship program for participants completing the entire education program. You can apply to spend 2-3 months at the Swing-in´ Freiburg dance school. If accepted, here is an idea of what your time here would look like:

- you will teach classes on your own, with Jenn or with an assistant and receive experience and personal feedback on your teaching (exactly how this will look will depend on your teaching abilities and how much of the education program you have completed by then): 4-9 hours/week

- you will be asked to assist us with some administrative, organizational and maintenance tasks: 1-4 hours/week

- when you are not teaching, you can take classes as a student to work on your own dancing and expand your teaching knowledge by learning from experienced teacher role models


Details on the application process will be added soon.